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About Keystone Barrel Classic
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 It is hard to believe that our 2014 Keystone Barrel Classic Series has come to an end for this year.  We would like to thank all of the riders that have supported us this year and all of our staff and friends that have helped us all year - we love having you in the "Keystone" family.  The October Finals results and updated points have been posted.  We would like to congratulate all of our 91 2014 winners:


Saddle Winners : Amy Albright (twice), Brooke Klinger, Trish Occhiogrosso, Victoria Asbrock, Roger Fosbenner, Kelly Haffner, Kim Cognetta, Julia O'Brien, Casey Hadfield, Russell Lauzon, Meghan Sfarra, Jackie Torino, Lauren Reynolds, Lindsay Silfies.

Buckle Winners:  Ashley Havrilla, Jackie Torino, Casey Hadfield, Vanessa Cox, Alicia Ray, Sheralee Fiore, Jean Hovan, Troy Roberto, Brooke Klinger, Caylin Owens, Jeni Fey, Tori Roberto, Ryan Scanlon, Kyra Miller, Ashley Serridge.

Jacket Winners:  Jen Bruno, Kristen Isenberg, Shannon Umstead, Sasha Kone, Sabrina Asper, Wendy Chestnut, Lisa Puig, Sallie Hoh, Russell Lauzon, Kelly Delmar, Jeni Fey, Brian Hickey, Jen Bruno, Amy Garber, Sabrina Asper.

Breastcollar Winners:  Carol Kerstetter, Amber Akers, Taylor Lauzon, Daniele Colgan, Amanda Peirson, Steve Wright (twice), Roger Fosbenner, Mercedes Wallace, Natalie Bologna, Julia Wilson, Alexus Garber, Katie Tietz, Michael Marone, Heather McCullough.

Bronc Halter Winners:  Jackie Torino, Ryan Scanlon, Sasha Kone (twice), Becky McLaughlin, Kathy Farrelly, Amy Albright, Donald Delmar, Cheryl Hickey, Mackenzie Miller, Danielle Conrad, Faith Sleva, Erin Mahoney, Jackie Torino, Kasey Schiano Di Cola

Can Chaser Reins: Bobby Hadfield, Michelle Miller (twice), Steve Wright, Jennifer Lauzon, Brian Hickey, Mel Gibson (twice), Roger Fosbenner, Natalie Bologna, Sam Vallone, Amanda Peirson, Caitlin Querry, Schiano Di Cola, Michael Marone

Fast Time Buckle and NEW arena record:  Amy Albright with a 14.284!!!


Our 2015 Show Schedule is posted on our show flyer plan.  We hope to see all of our Keystone Family next year for another fun filled season.


If you have any questions, click our Contact Us tab for ways to reach us.


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