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About Keystone Barrel Classic
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It is hard to believe that the 2015 Keystone Barrel Classic 2015 show season has ended.  New arena records, beautiful weather and plenty of new "Keystone Family" members made for great weekends.  Saturday night found us with DJ Kevin Tracy with our riders trying to dance away their final day jitters.


Our finals was exciting to the very end.  The Open 1D winner, by one point!!!!, was Lee Comly on Papa Johns Perkin Honor with Amy Albright on Leo's Power Play right on his heels.  We say every year that it will always come down to the very last day, the very last run and this year was no exception.


Kudos to the following winners of the 2015 Keystone Barrel Classic season:

Awards - 1st place - Diamond Cross Saddle, 2nd place - Montana Silversmiths Buckle, 3rd place - Keystone custom jacket, 4th place - Diamond Cross Custom KBC breastcollar, 5th Place - Diamond Cross Custom KBC Headstall, 6th Place - Can Chase Custom Reins ( donated by Jean Hovan), 7th Place - Back on Track Magnetic Boots (donated by Michael Marone)


Open 1D 1st - Lee Comly, Open 1D 2nd - Amy Albright who also won the arena fast time buckle, Open 1D 3rd - Jen Bruno, Open 1D 4th - Amy Albright, Open 1D 5th - Ashley Havrilla, Open 1D 6th - Sheralee Fiore, Open 1D 7th - Wendy Chestnut.

Open 2D 1st - Kerri Frazier, Open 2D 2nd - Lee Soule, Open 2D 3rd - Michelle Miller, Open 2D 4th - Brooke Klinger, Open 2D 5th - Sheralee Fiore, Open 2D 6th - Wendy Chestnut, Open 2D 7th - Russell Lauzon

Open 3D 1st - Ryan Bilger, Open 3D 2nd - Amy Albright, Open 3D 3rd - Shelby Detweiler, Open 3D 4th - Julia O'Brien, Open 3D 5th - Sasha Kone, Open 3D 6th - Charlie Miller, Open 3D 8th - Chandrelle Asper

Open 4D 1st - Jamie King, Open 4D 2nd - Lindsey Silfies, Open 4D 3rd - Russell Lauzon, Open 4D 4th - Lizzie Jablonka, Open 4D 5th - Victoria Asbrock, Open 4D 6th - Tori Roberto, Open 4D 7th - Taylor Lauzon

Open 5D 1st - Roger Fosbenner, Open 5D 2nd - Ashley Serridge, Open 5D 3rd - Caitlyn Querry, Open 5D 4th - Sallie Hoh, Open 5D 5th - Sue Fiore, Open 5D 6th - Rachel Daneker, Open 5D 7th - Kelly Haffner


Masters 1D 1st - Amy Albright, Masters 1D 2nd - Sheralee Fiore, Masters 1D 3rd - Wendy Chestnut, Masters 1D 4th - Amy Albright, Masters 1D 5th - Clarisse Schwamb, Masters 1D 6th - Shannon Umstead, Masters 1D 7th - Diane Kenney

Masters 2D 1st - Steve Wright, Masters 2D 2nd - Troy Roberto,  Masters 2D 3rd - Amy Albright, Masters 2D 4th - Kelly Haffner, Masters 2D 5th - Valerie Marvel, Masters 2D 6th - Steve Wright, Masters 2D 7th - Amy Albright

Masters 3D 1st - Sue Fiore, Masters 3D 2nd - Sallie Hoh, Masters 3D 3rd - Laurie Kaczor, Masters 3D 4th - Roger Fosbenner, Masters 3D 5th - Vincent Torrone, Masters 3D 6th - Kelly Haffner, Masters 3D 7th - Deb Pegues


Youth 1D 1st - Brooke Klinger, Youth 1D 2nd - Matthew Schwamb, Youth1D 3rd - Hannah May,Youth1D 4th - Charlie Miller, Youth 1D 5th - Russell Lauzon, Youth 1D 6th - Casey Hadfield, Youth 1D 7th - Brooke Easley

Youth 2D 1st - Jeni Fey, Youth 2D 2nd - Ashley Johnson, Youth 2D 3rd - Faith Sleva, Youth 2D 4th - Liana Panik, Youth 2D 5th - Ryan Bilger, Youth 2D 6th - Taylor Lauzon, Youth 2D 7th - Charlie Miller

Youth 3D 1st - Jenna Stapp, Youth 3D 2nd - Russell Lauzon, Youth 3D 3rd - Adrianna Ruggieri, Youth 3D 4th - Victoria Asbrock, Youth 3D 5th - Shelby Detweiler, Youth 3D 6th - Liana Panik, Youth 3D 7th - Lizzie Jablonka

Youth 4D 1st - Nicole McDonnell, Youth 4D 2nd - Alexandria Tufano, Youth 4D 3rd - Jordon Wanamaker, Youth 4D 4th - Emily Torrone, Youth 4D 5th - Mylie Lane, Youth 4D 6th - Alexus Garber, Youth 4D 7th - Erin Mahoney


Middle 1D 1st - Jen Bruno, Middle 1D 2nd - Michelle Miller, Middle 1D 3rd - Julia O'Brien, Middle 1D 4th - Kerri Frazier, Middle1D 5th - Jackie Torino, Middle 1D 6th - Jackie Torino, Middle 1D 7th - Saige Lupco

Middle 2D 1st - Kerri Frazier, Middle 2D 2nd - Julia O'Brien, Middle 2D 3rd - Michelle Miller, Middle 2D 4th - Melissa Hillegass, Middle 2D 5th - Saige Lupco, Middle 2D 6th - Jennifer Lauzon, Middle 2D 7th - Jamie King

Middle 3D 1st - Michael Marone, Middle 3D 2nd - Danielle Conrad, Middle 3D 3rd - Sasha Kone, Middle 3D 4th - Melissa Hillegass, Middle 3D 5th - Sheri Salsbury, Middle 3D 6th - Lindsey Silfies, Middle 2D 7th - Vanessa Cox

Middle 4D 1st - Kim Beatty, Middle 4D 2nd - Kim Beatty, Middle 4D 3rd - Ashley Serridge, Middle 4d 4th - Bryanna Dickinson, Middle 4d 5th - Anika Althouse, Middle 4d 6th - Lauren Reynolds, Middle 4d 7th - Lindsey Silfies



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